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Green Tomatoes and Migraines

Cristi asked what to do with green tomatoes:
1)  put them in a paper bag and let them ripen.  Not as good as vine ripened 
     at least as good as supermarket.

2)  Salsa:  sorry no recipe but green salsa is made from green tomatoes and
     green chilis.  You might also add cilantro, onion, ...  You might make 
     small batch first and see what you like.

Linda asked about Migraines:
     My wife, a nurse practitioner learned that many (but not all) migraines 

     respond to  injections of Magnesium & one of the B vitamins.
     As an injection very quick response.
     Possibly eating a lot of dairy caused a dip in Mg levels?  I really 
don't understand this area.

     Try getting some Magnesium supplementation and a B complex.  Magnesium 
     is very absorbable, Mg Citrate is next best.  better than carbonate.