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Counting grams

Hi folks -

I started eating vlf thru McDougall so I've always just paid attention to
percentages of fat & not grams. So I'm really unfamiliar with how many grams
of fat I eat per day, I just try to keep it under 10% & as low as possible.
Well, there's a new restaurant in town called "Planet Fresh Burritos" & they
say they are lowfat & provide a list of fat grams & percentages among others
things, but not total calories, of each type of burrito. They do have meat in
some burritos but there are vegetarian options also. I was very excited about
this & all of the burritos looked like they were so low in percentage of fat
but then I started looking at the total grams of fat & I thought probably when
they say percentage, they mean percentange of weight not of calories. I asked
them & they said that the chef makes the burritos so the weight & the calories
are the same. Right! That sounds like nonsense to me. So I got out McDougall's
book with the formula in it & started figuring. I don't know how many calories
I eat a day, but if I eat 1500, then my total fat grams for the day should be
16 grams or less right? Well, their lowest fat burrito (the bean & rice, which
is delicious) is 5 grams & they say it's 8% fat - that would make it 562
calories if the %age was of calories - it's supposed to be 18 ounces. One of
their higher ones (shrimp) is 11 grams of fat - that sounds like a lot to me -
it's supposed to be 13%, which would make the calories 761 if it was %age of
calories - weight is listed as 22 ounces. So what do y'all think of this? Is 5
grams a lot of fat for one meal? Do you think that the percentages MUST be
percentages of weight & not calories? I'm trying to figure out whether it's
still a good option for me when I have to eat out or not. Thanks for your

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz