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black-eyed peas, etc.

Paul asked about substitutes for black-eyed peas - hey, they don't grow 
them in Australia, Paul?  Anyway, black-eyed peas cook more quickly than 
most beans, so you could substitute lentils for a somewhat different flavor 
and use the same cooking technique, or use small white beans and precook 
them a bit (like navy beans, northern white beans, or cannelloni beans). 
  I'm also wondering if black-eyed peas are just called something else in 
other parts of the world-they are common, inexpensive, and easily grown if 
you aren't way up north in the US like me.

In a somewhat related matter, I'm trying to get more greens into my diet. 
 Any good ideas for using those frozen squares of collard greens?   Or 
recipes for the fresh greens, I'll save them for spring.  TIA, Anne Cox.