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Spicing up food!

On October 9, Mici requested ideas for spicing up food.  Horseradish, hot
mustard paste are great.  My currant favorite is Sambal Oelek.  I got it at
Calido Chile Traders at one of the local malls.  It is in a small clear
plastic jar and has "Panda Brand" on it.  The sambal is bright red (it's
main ingredient is red jalapenos).  Start with just a little then add a
little more til you get the heat and spice you like.  Here is a website you
might enjoy...tons of hot and spicy recipes. It is not a vegetarian/low fat
site but it is easy to substitute in most recipes.  I got a recipe for a
condiment called Agent Orange using habaneros that is sooooo good there.
Click on Chile-Head Archives and you will see a searchable archive option or
you can scan through the old issues.

I hope you find some good stuff,
Sharon Foulk