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chocolate/crock pots

Regarding all the buzz about chocolate and arteries and such.  I suspect
that what they are talking about is the cocoa itself.  It comes from a pod,
it is bitter and dark.  The fat and sugar we add for recipes and finished
products are killers.  This reminds me of all the folks who say, "we need
olive oil, it is good for us."  When what we were actually told was that IF
you insist upon eating oils, then please use olive or canola, they are the
least bad, but still pure fat.  I don't believe these reports are license
for us to pig out on hot fudge sundaes.

Crock pot

You will probably finds lots of recipes in the archives on the web.  But
you can just make a no brainer veggie stew, toss in a few cubed potatoes, a
chopped onion, some chunck of carrot, turnips, rutabaga, green beans,
mushrooms, whatever you have around,  add a handfull  (1/3 cup) or barley,
maybe some brown rice or wild rice, or wheat berries, add a can of
tomatoes, and let it cook on slow all day.  When you come home from work,
dinner is ready.
BTW, you can put all the incredients together in the evening, and stick it
in the refrigerator, in the morning, just put it in the pot and and start
it up.

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