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Re: FF Jerky!

I have gotten veg jerky from Lumen Foods, in Louisiana, and it is
fantastic. They have a web page (don't have the address on hand, but you
could search for "lumen foods" and find it). Definitely wonderful!

Anne Washburn

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Sherry Rose wrote:

> >
> >There is a new book available entitled "Just Jerky".  Some of you may be
> >wondering how this could find its way onto the FatFree listing but it has a
> >whole section on FF vegetarian jerkies.  Main entries are: Getting it to stick
> >together, Making it flavorful & Giving it a jerk-like texture.  It relies on
> >TVP.  Receipts include: vegetarian jerky, easy taco jerky, teriyaki jerky and
> >tastes-like-meat jerky.  I've tried all the FF recipes and find them quite
> good.
> > The book--"Just Jerky" cost $14 + $3 for shipping and handling.  It is
> >available from: Mary Bell, Dry Store Publishing, Rte 2, Box 156A, Lanesboro, MN
> >55949. Phone: (507) 467-2928.
> >
> >Joe Deden
> Hey, Joe!
> Wow!! Sounds good : ) Would you mind posting to the list your favoriteff veg
> jerkey recipe from the book?
> Regards and thanks,
> Sherry
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