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Re: Super Blue Green Algae

> Tracy Hudgins wrote:
> >How does one prepare blue green algae?  Since I eat a 1lb bag of
> >Hershey's chocolate or M&M's every two days, I'd be delighted to
> >find something to help curb my cravings.  I've been able to cut out
> >most of the fat in my diet, so I don't yet have a weight problem,
> >but as I get closer to 30, everyone tells me the chocolate WILL
> >catch up to me.
> Nathan wrote:
> >Does the blue green alge taste like dulse? What would i ask for
> >when trying to find it in a grocery store.I have had dulse and it
> >seemed to staisfy me very mutch but i never could quite get use to
> >its saltyness. Thanks Nathan MacDowall
> Dulse is a saltwater algae and Super Blue Green Algae is a
> freshwater algae.  It grows wild in a  lake in the Cascade Mountains
> (Oregon).  It is harvested, washed, freeze-dried and put into
> capsules, so all you have to do is swallow it with some water.  It
> is available through independent distributors (not in stores).  You
> can order it directly from the company (Cell Tech) (toll-free
> number) and it is shipped directly to your home within a few days
> (in Canada and the US).  You can read more about it and how to order
> it at:  http://www2.magmacom.com/~rongall/sbga.html
> - Mary Ann

I want to point out that Super Blue Green Algae is a name for a 
Cell Tech's packaging of blue grreen algae.  Other blue green 
algae from the Cascades can be found in health food stores.  I tried 
to find out from Call Tech why, specifically, theirs is better than the 
store bought brands but have received only their promo stuff and NO 

I buy mine at the store.

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