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Re: Super Blue Green Algae

Tracy Hudgins wrote:

>How does one prepare blue green algae?  Since I eat a 1lb bag of
>Hershey's chocolate or M&M's every two days, I'd be delighted to find
>something to help curb my cravings.  I've been able to cut out most of
>the fat in my diet, so I don't yet have a weight problem, but as I get
>closer to 30, everyone tells me the chocolate WILL catch up to me.

Nathan wrote:

>Does the blue green alge taste like dulse? What would i ask for when
>trying to find it in a grocery store.I have had dulse and it seemed to
>staisfy me very mutch but i never could quite get use to its saltyness.
>Nathan MacDowall

Dulse is a saltwater algae and Super Blue Green Algae is a freshwater
algae.  It grows wild in a  lake in the Cascade Mountains (Oregon).  It is
harvested, washed, freeze-dried and put into capsules, so all you have to
do is swallow it with some water.  It is available through independent
distributors (not in stores).  You can order it directly from the company
(Cell Tech) (toll-free number) and it is shipped directly to your home
within a few days (in Canada and the US).  You can read more about it and
how to order it at:  http://www2.magmacom.com/~rongall/sbga.html

- Mary Ann