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pacreatitis & gallstones

I beg the list's indulgence for this non-recipe post.
I have a friend who nearly died this past week from pancreatitis, triggered 
a gallstone which lodged in the bile duct. She ended up having her 
She has followed a very low fat regime for a year or so and recently took
off additional weight with the "fat burning" vegetable soup recipe that has 
been circulating. (The evening of the "attack" she had eaten at a friend's 
and had way more fat than she was used to.)
We have been researching gallbladder problems and were stunned to learn 
that gallstone formation is a very common problem associated with rapid 
weight loss. We also read that in order for the gallbladder to empty 
properly and not form stones, it must be triggered by about 10 grams of fat 
per meal.
Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this? I have books by Drs. Ornish 
and McDougall and have followed their programs for years quite happily 
never giving my gallbladder a thought. (I do notice intense indigestion 
when eating out where "politeness" makes consuming more fat than I am used 
to a necessity.)
Any input either on-list or off would be greatly appreciated.