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Cocoa + Moderation = Prevention & Pleasure?

Howdy Cocoa lovers:

Yes, I do have an interest. No, it's not vested (wish it was).
Sorry, for those who perceived the message as "bad news". I was only 
the messenger. Thought it would be worth investigating and a fun topic 
for this group. 

I think it would be a good idea to find that specific scientific study 
for the particulars. It was reported over the mass media in the US for 
several days about a week or two ago. 

They recommended 1 glass of wine (red especially) for women and 2 
glasses for men per day with dinner, and if I remember corectly no more 
than 1 small dark chocolate bar per day. Sounds like moderation to me.

Of coarse, if you have and addictive personality or family history of 
addiction than you need to be careful. Although, I never heard anyone 
overdose on chocolate.

As with any other food you need to compare the ingredients, in this 
case the cocoa/saturated fat ratio.  It was recommended as a prevention 
and not as a cure. I can't stand Nestle` or Hersheys since they 
substituted more sugar and artificial flavors for the real cocoa 
butter. Tastes like sweet cardboard now. My favorites are 'Ghirardelli' 
from San Francisco and the Swiss and Italian labels.  You get what you 
pay for. 

Stationed in Germany for 3 years, I found they eat alot of chocolate as 
most Europeans, especially the Scandinavians, but its of high quality.

I recall another study from Denmark that reported that since they 
joined the Euoropean Common Market they drink wine rather than beer 
(because the wine became cheaper) and deaths do to heart disease have 
dropped drastically.

                    MAJ Nicholas E. Dagris
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