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low fat "meat" balls

>>>>> "Williams" == Williams  <eliz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Williams> I make a simple tomato and basil and garlic sauce for
    Williams> pasta, but sometimes others here would like something
    Williams> substantial like meat ball or some kind of low fat
    Williams> equivalent. Does anyone have a good recipe for some
    Williams> turkey balls or bean balls or something that I could
    Williams> freeze a batch of and let people who want them, add them
    Williams> to the tomato sauce.

    Williams> Elizabeth Ann


I make "meatballs" using a product called "Wheatballs" (found in my
local health food store). It's essentially vital wheat gluten and some
seasonings. I mix the powder with water as per the directions on the
box, and then use the "dough" in place of hamburger in a standard
meatball recipe. This entails adding bread crumbs, spices, parmesan
cheese, and eggs or egg replacer. The "meatballs" are formed, boiled,
and then baked, according to the Wheatballs directions. The result is
almost identical to regular meatballs in flavor and texture - enough
so that many people can't tell one from the other.

If you really need, I can dig up the meatball recipe and post it.

Dave Wallis