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Someone commented on a "failure" when substituting
applesauce for the butter or margarine called for in
cookie recipes.
The thing is, there are some things where substitution
just won't work.  Cookies seem to be one catagory where
this is true.  While cakes take well to fruit puree instead
of fat, most cookie recipes seem to have been developed
"needing" fat to work properly.  The solution?  Instead
of trying to force old favorites to remain favorites
even when fatfreefully adapted (sorry about the word
invention), look for recipes which were specifically
formulated to be fat free.  I know it's a disappointment
not to be able to make "everything" fat free, and it 
seems like a victory for the SAD eaters who always
seem to be saying "what about....?" but the fact is,
that just as there is no fatfree or vegetarian steak, 
chocolate chip cookies were born to be full of butter,
and not much you can do about it!  But I've found
that Mcdougall's cookies, and some others, are really
good, and while they are "different" they ARE cookies,
when nothing else will do....
This was a sore spot with me for a while too, since
I was "famous" for my chocolate chip cookies...
but I've learned to live with it.  In fact, right now
I can honestly say - one bite of the old fashioned
tollhouse cookie, and my mouth feels so greasy I have
no desire to take another bite...
I will look up specific cookie recipes if you are
interested... email me...