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Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are difficult to find where I live and only have a
short season in the stores so I haven't cooked with them before.I bought
some today and am looking forward to experimenting.

I found an artichoke and potato soup on the web but wondered what other
flavours go well with them. There isn't much in any of my cookbooks except
fried and pureed and that sounds a bit boring.

Regarding the pregnant lady confined to bedrest.

There is an article in the current Australian Vegetarian  saying the main
additional requirements are:
calcium (four serves a day of calcium rich foods such as dark green veg,
tofu, broccoli, beans, figs, bok choy, calcium fortified soy milk and
breakfast cereals,)
Vit B12 (one serve a day with food fortified with this vit. Some soy milks
are fortified)
Iron (dark green veg, molasses, wholegrains).

Extra protein (30%) is needed but they say this is not usually a problem nor
is a lack of iron for vegetarians if you are eating all those other good things.

They also advocate a low fat diet.

I had a friend in this situation and she got well and truely sick of the
situation so we made up a wacky "occupational therapy" kit to keep her
spirits up.

Jaye in Perth Western Australia