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bean recipies

          I eat beans all the time, love them to death, and have a few
          quick and easies to spice up your beans.

          Quick & Easy Black Beans (my own name, clever huh?)

          Can black beans
          A few shakes of Adobo seasoning (by Goya, in Hispanic
          section of the supermarket)
          some diced onions (red are best, any others will do)

          mix all together and nuke for 2 minutes.

          Good over rice, good on corn tortillas, good all alone!

          Quick & Easy Pinto Beans

          Can pinto beans
          few shakes of adobo seasoning
          diced onions
          chopped cilantro

          You can do two things with this, you can just nuke it and
          eat it like the black beans above, or...

          you can throw it all in a blender, chill it, add chopped,
          seeded tomatoes just before serving, and you have an
          excellent dip for the baked chips you made with the corn
          tortillas you had that were about to go bad!