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french toast

My husband and I have a very simple recipe for french toast.  Use any 
bread that you like, take about 1 cup skim milk (or soy) and add either 
2 egg whites or equivilant egg substitute. Add cinnamon or nutmeg if you 
like (my husbands dislikes both) and beat vigorously with a fork.  Dip 
the bread, and cook in a nonstick pan sprayed with a small amount of PAM 
or other spray oil.  This works great and is quick and easy.	
	Also, did anyone try the banana bread recipe with tofu?  I did 
and it was pretty good, although didn't have a strong banana flavor.  
This was the first time a fatfree or lowfat banana bread that I have made 
actually cooked.  Does anyone have any other recipes for fatfree muffins 
of breads or scones?  I have 2 cookbooks full of these types of recipes 
using applesauce or prune puree instead of fat, but all the ones I have 
tried absolutely WILL NOT COOK!  I have cooked muffins and breads, and 
had them in the oven for 90 minutes and they are still raw in the center 
and very heavy.  Needless to say, these often become bird food!  Any 
ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks Karen :)