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portabella and mango recipe

Sorry, I made a mistake in the address- it is nbvm, not nbum. Anyway,
here is the recipe.

A Platter of Broiled Portabella Mushrooms with Nectar of Mango and
  Nubile Carrots 


  One 4-6 inch Portabella mushroom per person
  One 26 oz. jar of mango slices in water-based syrup
  Whole baby carrots, peeled and washed
  olive oil
  ground thyme
  fresh ground black pepper
  ground Szeged paprika (Szeged is top quality)
  salt to taste

  Step 1: Marinade

  Two hours before cooking, remove stems from mushrooms and lay caps
gill side up in a shallow pan. Drain syrup from the mango slices and
pour syrup over mushrooms,  allowing syrup to flow into gills. Slice
stems lengthwise and brush with mango marinade. Slices should be thick,
not thin. Cover and let stand at cool temperature for  two hours.

  Step 2

  Move mushroom caps and stems to a flat roasting pan. Begin with gill
side up (towards flame). Sprinkle with ground thyme. *Broil for
approximately six minutes,  gills towards flame.

  Step 3

  Remove mushrooms from broiler  and turn. Quickly brush top of mushroom
caps and stems with olive oil( Ihave an olive oil spray). Sprinkle
liberally with ground thyme. Grind black pepper over mushrooms. Sprinkle
liberally with paprika. Return mushrooms to broiler, top of caps toward
flame. *Broil 6 minutes.

  *(The broiling time will depend on the type of broiler used. These
instructions assume an overhead, gas flame broiler with the mushrooms
about four inches from the flame.)

  Step 4

  While the mushroom broils, steam baby carrots to taste. If fats are
not a problem( but we know they are),  melt some butter, puree a slice
of mango, work into melted butter and pour over   carrots just prior to

  Step 5

  On a large platter, arrange the broiled Portabella mushrooms in the
center. To one  side, stack the steamed baby carrots. To the other side,
lay the mango slices and serve.

Andrea Kline