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Cooking with wine

Eleanor from another unrelated list got
a message whe we were discussing this subject..
and she wrpote to me with a hint and asked me to pass it on to
those debating whether to use wine in cooking...instead of oil...

This is what she had to say:

>> At 11:08 PM 8/20/96 +0800, p.carreno@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> >Wine?....the cook is allowed to sample  the wine a few times while
>> >cooking too...:-)
>> I know, I know!  But the problem there is that I don't drink.  And my
>> boyfriend is a beer drinker, not wine.
>you could try using beer instead of oil then.....or change
> ------------------------------

I got the impression that you didn't want to buy wine to cook with since no
one at your house (apparently) drinks it.  I thought it might help you to
know that you can substitute vinegar and sugar for wine whenever wine is
called for in a recipe. The vinegar and sugar combined will add a 'wine'
flavoring when it is cooked and you don't end up with an almost full bottle
hanging around.  
just thought that might be useful to you...
The only guarantee in life is that things will change......
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