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Re: Brewer's and Nutritional Yeasts

Apparently I had already sent this to FF; it may have been a little 
different. I'm confused from trying to do too many things at once!

> Alla wrote: If you mix brewer's yeast with some warm water and sugar, you'll
> get some surprising results.
> ----------
> Yes, the brewer's yeast from the HFS will sit there and do absolutely
> nothing! I talked to the friendly folks at the Red Star 800 number. The
> brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast sold as supplements are the same species
> of yeast, and both have been heat-treated so that no enzyme activity can take
> place: they are inactive. Both are "nutritional" in the usual sense of the
> word. Brewer's comes from a byproduct of the brewing industry and has a hoppy
> flavor, although it has been debittered. Nutritional is fed on beet and cane
> molasses to get a different flavor; it tastes more nutty. If the label says
> "primary grown yeast," it is nutritional yeast.
> All four HFSs in my area have only one brand of nutritional yeast, Twinlab;
> ingredients are yeast, whey and honey, so that brand is not vegan. Tracy
> mentioned zinc content. It varies. The highest I saw per 15 grams was 3.1 mg
> (KAL Brewer's). I do not make recommendations. The Food Additives Book
> mentioned some problems that were associated with yeast intake of 20 grams
> per day or more; it was published in 1982, and I have no idea whether the
> info is current. P.S. I'm giving up on trying to feed non-eating yeast. ;-]