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Re: Brewer's and Nutritional Yeasts

Alla wrote: If you mix brewer's yeast with some warm water and sugar, you'll
get some surprising results.
Yes, the brewer's yeast from the HFS will sit there and do absolutely
nothing! I talked to the friendly folks at the Red Star 800 number. The 
brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast sold as supplements are the same species 
of yeast, and both have been heat-treated so that no enzyme activity can take 
place: they are inactive. Both are "nutritional" in the usual sense of the 
word. Brewer's comes from a byproduct of the brewing industry and has a hoppy 
flavor, although it has been debittered. Nutritional is fed on beet and cane 
molasses to get a different flavor; it tastes more nutty. If the label says 
"primary grown yeast," it is nutritional yeast.

All four HFSs in my area have only one brand of nutritional yeast, Twinlab;
ingredients are yeast, whey and honey, so that brand is not vegan. Tracy
mentioned zinc content. It varies. The highest I saw per 15 grams was 3.1 mg
(KAL Brewer's). I do not make recommendations. The Food Additives Book
mentioned some problems that were associated with yeast intake of 20 grams
per day or more; it was published in 1982, and I have no idea whether the
info is current. P.S. I'm giving up on trying to feed non-eating yeast. ;-]