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Homemade Rice Milk/Hot peppers

Hello all!

I tried to reach Merry Young <merryy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> who had modified
that Irish Soda Bread recipe from the archive and used homemade rice milk in
the process. Unfortunatley, the message was returned to me.

I hope that by posting to the list I can reach someone who's succeeded in
making homemade rice milk. Rice milk sounds lower in fat than soya milk and
it mixes a little better with hot beverages. Could anyone help, please?

Thanks for all the recipes for veggies lately. The zucchini crust for pizza
that Mary Jane posted sounds quite interesting and came at a time when I
wonder what to do with the overabondance of some of the veggies from my farm
co-op, especially the zucchinis, since I don't bake zucchini bread anymore
(I've gone vegan).

I do have one veggie that has me stumped though: hot peppers. I have
accumulated about 5 of them - they're the small and pointed green ones - and
since I rarely eat hot dishes I'm at a bit of a loss... Any suggestions?