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bulghur in Germany

Cynthia Wunder <101732.2415@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>        Thank all of you who replied to my request for seitan recipes and
>language help!
Hi Cyndi, I live in Munich; I answered your question about seitan,
but never saw my posting... maybe it was too large... anyway,
it was answered by enough other people.

>I have another question.  While trying to buy bulgur to make tabouleh I
>accidenally purchased
>barley groats.  What can I use these for and does anyone know the german
>word for bulgar.
By barley groats, do you mean oatmeal-like flakes made from barley,
and called Gerstenflocken? If so, I've bought them  too, and I sprinkle them
uncooked on yogurt same as oatmeal. I assume you could make a
warm cereal out of them,  and generally do anything with them
that you would do with oatmeal.

Bulghur should just  be called Bulgur here. It might also be called
 If there are Turkish grocery stores near you, you should check them out for 
cheaper grains and beans, and generally interesting things.
I have a 1kg (2.2 lbs) bag of bulghur that I bought at a Turkish store for
(approx. $1.80), which  I'm fairly certain is the same price charged for a 500g
of bulghur in a regular German store. On the label of the bag, it says:
Pilavlik Bulgur / Weizengrutze Gross / Thick Boulgour
Maybe this is Turkish / German/ English.

Here are some other translations you might need:
barley (pearled) = Gerstengraupen
buckwheat groats (i.e. kasha) = Buchweizen
corn meal = Maismehl
spelt  =   Dinkel
millet =   Hirse
quinoa = Quinoa (!)
soy = Soja
wheat flour = Weizenmehl

I usually buy my grains at Mullers; not the bakery chain, rather the chain of
stores which
carry toiletries, cosmetics, and food, usually including a health section with
all kinds
of grains,  herbal teas, vitamins, and minerals.

Feel free to email/post any more questions about trying to live vlf in Germany.
Let's just say if you want to live vlf here, you'll be eating a lot of fresh
foods, because they do not have the large selection of ff processed foods here 
that they have in the US!