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Re: Sherry -- Also Pickled Ginger

>I buy cooking wine or cooking sherry for recipes. The bottles are smaller, the
>product is much cheaper than table wine, and they will last a long time if you
>keep them sealed and out of the light. I also use cooking sherry to store
my cut
>ginger root in. The sherry that has had ginger steeped in it is delicious added
>to oriental dishes. 



I use cooking Sherry and burgundy, too. Works fine and keeps a long time.

Peggy, your idea about ginger in Sherry is quite interesting, and it
prompted me to pose a question to the list:

When I was at Zupan's in Portland, ORegon (an incredible, upscale grocery
store), I bought some ff vegetarian sushi that had pickled ginger. It was
just delicious! I've looked for it in stores, but I' haven't found any.

My best attempt at duplicating it was to pour off a little juice from some
purchased pickled watermelon rind (sweet) and soak some ginger strips in it.
It was close, but not exactly the same.

Does anyone know about pickled ginger, how to make it, or where to get it?
The flavor is divine, and it really perks up anotherwise drab ff meal.

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