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Fat-free cheese

> I gave up cheese entirely when I went vlf, because I couldn't find any ff
> cheeses that were palatable. But with all the activity on that front over
> the past two years,  I am sure that  somebody has come out with something
> edible. Any recommendations on good fat-free cheese?

I recently pretty much gave up cheese (I'm semi-lactose intolerant, and 
the fact that I would eat a block in two days didn't help) and didn't 
touch any alternatives, fat-free or otherwise, because they tasted nasty. 
However, I have found the -rella brands (I dont' remember the actual 
brand name), and they are very good.  They don't taste exactly like 
cheese, but they are a damn fine substitute and taste good in their own 
right. I've been eating the zerofat-rella (which has casein), but they 
also have tofu-rella, almond-rella, vegan-rella, and I think hemp-rella. 
The last four rella's do have some fat in them, but it's not as much as 
regular cheese. I buy it at Fresh Fields.

There is also a vegy-light singles cheese (again, the brand name escapes 
me) which I also buy at Fresh Fields. Each slice has 2.5 grams of fat, 
but they taste good, especially a sandwich.