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fat-free cheese

I'm not much of a cheese eater, but when lower fat cheeses started coming
out, I'd bring home a new one each shopping trip.  My husband and kids
thought they were awful.  Then they tried Healthy Choice Fat Free
Mozarella, and found it quite acceptable. It tastes enough like cheese to
eat straight or grate and sprinkle over foods at the table.  It melts well
enough to work in Cheese stuffed Manicotti (made with fat free ricotta and
Egg Beaters), or grilled cheese sandwiches (toast bread in toaster, add
cheese slices, open faced, to each slice, microwave to melt cheese, slap
the two slices together.) It's a little strange melted over pretzles.  As
another poster wrote (on this list or eating-lf) it can get to be the
consistancy of Saran Wrap if it's melted by itself, so it is best when
mixed with something. Now, does anyone know of a decent fat free cheddar?

Laurie Kozisek