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Re: Unidentified subject!

I never salt my eggplant, and never have bitter eggplant. Really, I don't
believe there are bitter juices! I read about the evil spirits thing a
long time ago, and it seems to make sense as not salting doesn't make a
difference. Anything to reduce the number of steps required to make
something is OK in my book!


On Mon, 19 Aug 1996, Michelle Leberte wrote:

> >No, it is not necessary to salt your eggplant. This stems from an old
> >wives tale about bringing out the evil spirits from this delicious nightshade!
> I was under the impression that salting helped drain out the bitter juices
> in the eggplant.  This is why you lighly salt them, then put them in a
> colander with a weight on top, then rinse the juices away.  I do this all
> the time and have never had bitter, salty eggplant.
> Michelle Leberte * University of Pennsylvania * mleberte@xxxxxxxxxxxxx