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Wellness news

Food-related items in the Sept. issue of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter:
The cabbage diet is "wacky" and "more baloney than cabbage." It has the
dangers of all crash diets.---A cup of fresh carrot juice has as much beta
carotene as three medium carrots but less fiber than one carrot.---Enzyme
pills are a waste of money (except for a few people who have a rare disease 
and need massive doses).---The Salt Institute is battling a large study which 
linked hypertension (high blood pressure) to sodium intake. About 75% of the 
salt Americans eat is in processed foods and fast foods.---The main article 
is about cutting down on fat (nothing new). It tries to get the general 
population to think of the 30% CFF goal as just a step toward 20%. On 
Pritikin and Ornish, who are cited as advocating no more than 10% CFF: 
"Scientific studies have backed up their claims." On the new FF desserts: 
Note the calories and few nutrients.