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Unidentified subject!

Andie wrote that she was having a hard time getting her meat-eating husband
to accept her vegetarianism.

Andie, I can relate with what you're saying, because I went through the
exact same thing with my husband when I went veggie (about a year ago).
The problem is not the vegetarianism at all, it's the CHANGE.  This subject
comes up on almost all the lists I'm on.  On the exercise list, women
complain that their husband's don't like it when they start exercising.
You can't argue for a second that quitting smoking and adopting a healthy
diet aren't the RIGHT things to do!  Certainly anyone who loves you will
want you to stay healthy.  But when we make a big change like that, our
loved ones sometimes fear that your relationship may change, too.  Like all
things, this too shall pass.  It sounds like you're on the right track with
not preaching to your husband, that NEVER works!  It takes patience and
understanding on both sides to adjust, and then, I promise, he will get
over it.  My husband now is very accepting of my veggie status and I even
catch him ordering vegetarian dishes for himself in restaurants now!  And I
certainly have NEVER tried to convert him!  The teasing, the "what do you
mean you're not going to eat turkey" will all fade when he sees that you're
committed, and that this change is not threatening him in any way.  It just
takes a little time.

As far as your Wonderslim question, I have seen it in health food stores.
I don't know where you live, but I know Fresh Fields in the DC area sells
it. It is used as a fat substitute in baking. I've seen it in a big glass
jar (kind of like a mayonnaise jar) with what looks like prune baby food in
it.  I've never used it but I think it's basically pureed prunes with some
thickeners in it, don't think it's bad for you at all!

Talk to ya later,