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m**t eaters

I'm having sort of a hard time with my m**t eating husband. I've been a
vegetarian for 5 months and I just decided to turn vegan. I haven't shouted
to the rooftops to him about becoming a vegetarian. When he's asked
questions, I've answered them. He says I've changed too much. (I quit
smoking 1-17-96!) I don't preach to him about it because I know it would
backfire. My question is how do I get him to understand about my being a
vegetarian and to stop him from trying to push meat on me. He says "You mean
when we go to my sister's for Thanksgiving...you're not going to eat any
t*rkey?" My sister-in-law already understands and would never push m**t on
me. What should I do or say to him?
  Also I would like to know what is wonderslim and where is it sold at? Is
it good for you or made out of chemicals? Thanks!

 Andie Woolman