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Re: m**t eaters

Andrea wrote: I'm having sort of a hard time with my m**t eating husband.
I've been a vegetarian for 5 months and I just decided to turn vegan...
He says I've changed too much....
Suggestions: If he thinks your diet is bad for your health, discuss
nutritional facts, not values. (Make it a joint educational experience, not 
an argument; you both have the same goal--your good health.) If he is
uncomfortable because your choices are different than his, gently remind
him that marriage is a willing union of two *different* people and you can't
be anyone but yourself. Inject humor into the "better or worse" vow by 
giving examples of some worse things you could have become instead of a 
vegetarian! Don't introduce additional changes that are unnecessary at this 
time, like bleaching your hair or rearranging the furniture. Find ways for 
positive feelings to be connected with your vegetarian meal--e.g., you could 
create a situation in which he would have to cook your meal and then lavish 
him with praise, kisses, etc.