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Roasted peppers and Hello everyone

First the hello! Sorry about my test yesterday but I was getting kind of 
desparate! I have posted several recipes, none of which came out, so I 
will begin to repost them. Thank you to everyone who has written to this list; I 
really look forward to reading my digest every day.  If anyone else out there 
is trying to eat low-fat/fat-free on a limited income, I would love to hear from you. 

And to Michael who was worrying about his peppers - why not just 
roast your own as and when you need them? Just grill (I think you 
call it "broil" in the US) them on all sides until BLACK, then put in 
a bowl, cover with a plate, cool completely, seed and peel. It 
honestly doesn't take long and it's nicer. 

Talk to you all again soon,