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For Michael Dorval,

I don't know which version of MasterCook you are using, but I have the
Deluxe version on CDrom.  I have no problem opening multiple cookbooks at
one time.  Perhaps it is a version-related thing.  Also, I understand they
are coming out with a new version in September - and I just got my old one
in March.  Can't keep up. 

For the person who asked about Micro versus Master,

I have never used Micro but can tell you I am very happy with MasterCook.
There are so many neat things you can do with it, even print out a booklet
of your favorite recipes to share with your friends.  I saw on the
mastercook mailing list that Sierra is offering some sort of a bargain on
it right now at their web site.  Sorry I didn't save the info since I have
my own copy already.

HM Slone