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Quark is available in the UK from at least one of the large supermarket
chains (J Sainsbury, plc) and it is sold as 'Quark' in 250 gram (8.8
ounces) tubs.

It is described on the tub as 'Virtually Fat Free Fermented Skimmed Milk',
produced in Germany. The fat content is 0.2%.

In texture and appearance it is very much like Tofu and according to a
friend of mine who is a Chef-Lecturer at the local Technology College it
can be used in exactly the same way. The texture is 'smooth/crumbly' (is
that an impossibility? <G>) and the taste a little like cottage cheese, but
I find it makes the mouth a little dry. Another friend of mine - a
colleague in school who comes from Germany says it is a great favorite
there and is used on bread with jams etc.

I have not tried it in elaborate tofu-style recipes, despite my Chef
friend's urgings! I use it as a FF topping on oatmeal and stewed apple and
the like - in other words, as I would, perhaps, use FF cottage cheese which
I find a bit too sweet after Quark (perhaps I don't use the right variety!)

Hope this helps.