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re: uses for ricotta or nonfat cottage cheese

Hi there Gretchen
Ricotta and cottage cheese can be used in many delicious ways...

- mix some in with your salads
- bake and slice a potato, place in a tortilla, spoon some ricotta on 
top, spice, or add jalepano peppers, wrap, throw in the microwave for 30 
seconds, remove, smoother with salsa or plain, eat
- put ricotta on a baked potato, instead of butter or sour cream
- mix with noodles and veggies
- mix with rice and veggies
- mix with tacos or burritos
- mix in some fruit and eat
- eat it with eggs (if you eat eggs)
- mix with hot cereals
- blend a smoothie with it
- mix w/ yogurt
- mix with beans and rice
- put on a sandwich as a "dressing" instead of mayo, mustard, etc

 hopefully, you can use some of these ideas.

Tricia Rusch
Arizona State University