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MasterCook vs. Micro Cookbook 5

	Wanted to drop you a note. I have been a Micro Cookbook 5, CD Rom 
version, user for a while. Before that I used Micro Cookbook 4. 
Before I bought v5 I down loaded the sample MasterCook to try. In 
actual fact, they are very close. There were a couple of things I 
thought Micro Cookbook did better. For example, I got into a hugh 
e-mail recipe exchange with someone who had the 'Silver' edition of 
MasterCook. When he sent me recipes they were in MasterCook format, 
and I had to use Micro Cookbook to convert them (it could). But that 
took time. When I exported to send to him, I could export in 
MasterCook format, that also took time, but his imports were instant.

They have very similar features. I ended up staying with Micro 
Cookbook. V4 was a little buggy, occasionally crashing windows. V5 
has not exibited any of those kind of problems, but is a little 
slower, probably due to the graphic and photo capabilities. 

You'll probably enjoy which ever you use. There are repositories of 
MasterCook formated recipes out there. I've never seen the same for 
Micro Cookbook.

And a P.S. Although I haven't done it, I believe you could download 
the MasterCook archives and import them into Micro Cookbook.