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hiding veggies

Someone asked how to get a non veggie eater to eat vegetables.  I think
slowly and with patience is the answer. Make several lists, his favorites,
the ones he will tolerate, the ones he absolutely cannot abide, and those
he has never tried.

Make a vegetable soup with lots of rice, potatoes and whatever vegetables
he likes and tolerates, then each time you make it add just a small amount
of something new.

Or, try a "cream" of green things soup.  I make it something like this:

cook up a bunch of peeled cubed potatoes with broccoli and green beans.
Then I pure this in the blender til really smooth, adding nonfat milk or
soy milk to the right consistency.  The potatoes add thickness and basic
flavor.  I add in parsely, spinach, whatever is around.  Even some cooked
carrots work, tho very many will alter the color.  Season with salt and
pepper or even some veggie broth mix.  Heat and serve.

Another wonderful soup is cream of winter squash.  Just steam some yellow
flesh - hard skinned squash and puree with ff milk or soy milk, season with
whatever you like, ginger, sherry wine, garlic, a bit of nutmeg, whatever.
Heat and serve.  This is naturally sweet and flavorful.

Pasta sauce is a good place to hide vegetables, you can puree some carrots
or  red peppers and add to a tomato sauce, or add minced veggies.

You can stick vegies in burrito or enchilada filling, anything like that.
Good luck!

Jan Gordon <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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