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What about this new Oatrim-Milk?

Howdy All:

I heard on this morning's T.V. news programs, mostly CBS, about this 
Skim Milk-"Oatrim" product that will be on the grocery refrigerator 
shelves this fall under the brand name "Replace". They claim that it 
will help lower the blood cholesterol level.

They interviewed both the inventor (of Oatrim) from the U.S. 
Agriculture dept. in Peoria, Ill. Dr. George Inglett and the pres. of 
the company "Golden Jersey Products". (I have no affiliation) 

Supposedly, it will cost about $.21 cents more per gallon and has the 
taste of 2% Milk. I got from the conversation that it is awaiting the 
FDA for final approval.

Its suppose to be easily digestible since they are using "Oatrim" as 
the fat substitute, which is derived from the fiber of oats or 
dissluble Beta Glucam.

If anyone nows more about this "Oatrim" product and where we can by it 
to place in our own foods, I'd appreciate it.

Gracias Amigos.
                                   MAJ Nicholas E. Dagris
                                   AZ Pavilions SouthWest TmemeMall