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McDougall etc

To the person who was wondering about McDougall (sorry i didnt write down your
name). I think someone has already answered many of your questions. I've been
on McDougall for 2 years, have lost 90 pounds & feel energetic & healthy &
happy - my BP & cholesterol have gone down significantly too & are well within
the healthy range. When I first started the McDougall program, I didnt feel I
could afford the book either so I got it at the public library - I had to put
it a request for a hold & wait for it, but it was well worth it - the 12-day
bok. (I don't buy many new books, I am a big library user.) My mother bought
me the cookbook for my birthday that year. Every once in a while I would check
that book & others of his or Ornish's out of the library for inspiration.
Eventually I found that one & others in a second-hand store, so now I have
them for reference.

Regarding the Potato & Lentil Moussaka from South Africa - it sounds
delicious, but I need a little help. Anyone know how much 300g of mushrooms
is? Or 3 ml baking powder? Thanks.

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz