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Unidentified subject!

>Sorry, but I think Mahatma's Red Beans & Rice has Chicken Fat in the
>ingredients.  I know I checked them out recently and was very

Well, I'm sad to report the ingredient list and nutrition info from my bag
of Mahatma's Red Beans and Rice. :(

ingredients:  enriched long grain rice, thiamine, precooked red beans,
sugar, salt, flavor (a long list which includes: beef broth powder and bacon
fat), garlic, dehydrated onion.  There are other chemical compounds that I
didn't list.

Nutrition info per serving:
each bag makes 4 serviings (ya, right)

calories (as packaged) 190
 calories from fat  5
total fat 1g
 saturated fat 0g
cholesterol 0mg
sodium 790 mg
total carbohydrate 40 g
 dietary fiber 7g
 sugars 2g
protein 8g

All in all, its still a pretty good convenience food, I think, esp for camping.