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Fast and forgiving Black Bean "Salsa"

When pulling the previous recipe for black bean patties, I thought of
another recipe that is our fallback when we don't have time to cook or when
company shows up unexpectedly.  Thought I'd share, although it's not a
strict recipe, per se.

                            Black Bean "Salsa"

Preparation Time :0:10

  Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
--------  ------------  --------------------------------
   1      can           black beans, cooked -- rinsed and drained
     1/2  cup           corn kernels -- cooked (I often steam frozen corn
into the microwave for a few minutes, then rinse in cold water)
   1      can           tomatoes with green chilis -- drained
   2                    green onion -- sliced
   5      cloves        garlic -- minced
   2      tablespoons   fresh or dried cilantro (coriander leaf)
          dash          lime juice

Drain all ingredients well before combining.  Mix well.  Serve.
Scoop up with baked corn chips or serve on a bed of greens.

This recipe is so forgiving . . . fresh tomatoes and jalapenos, or canned .
. . cilantro and/or green onion . . . the only really, really necessary
ingredient in our minds is the lime juice, which adds and mixes flavor, and
cuts the sharpness of garlic and peppers just a tad (it can still be plenty
spicy!).  I just squeeze half a small lime and toss everything.

-- Di Coldiron
-- dcold@xxxxxxx