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Re: Question

Berenice Goelzer writes:
>     Since someone mentioned the McDougall system, I would like to ask from 
>     which year it is.  
>     I found the McDougall principles in the WWW and was puzzled by his 
>     statement that "oil is just liquid fat" which is a very dated 
>     statement.  In recent years there has been a lot of scientific 
>     evidence about different fats having quite different effects on human 
>     metabolism. Of particular relevance are the findings about the 
>     monosaturated oils (e.g. olive oil) which not only decrease the "bad 
>     cholasterol" (LDL) but increase the "good cholasterol" (HDL).

Berenice, one thing to keep in mind is that all fats and oils are 9 calories
per gram, as opposed to protein and carbohydrates being 4 calories per
gram.  In that respect, yes, oil is indeed just liquid fat.  Personally,
I feel that the best way to raise your HDL levels is through exercise,
rather than trying to play games with the type of oils you add to your
foods.  Both McDougall and Ornish have found that folks on a no-added-fats-
or-oils vegetarian diet have lowered rates of heart problems and decent
cholesterol levels, too...