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veggie foolers

>I have gotten away with slipping squash into some things and last
>week's post of "crab cakes" using zucchini was a success.  Do any of you
>have some recipes you've used to fool your kids or finicky meat lovers?  I
>cook only vegetarian dishes at home and am trying to expand our options. 
>If I can just get him to accept the possibility of certain things tasting
>inoffensive then I will have won a huge battle.  Thanks in advance.

I have the same problem with my husband and especially two teenage sons who
are not fussy about vegetables but not wildly crazy either.  To get broccali
and spinach in them this is one of my (and their) favorite foods.  It comes
from Jane Brody's cookbook- which while not vegeataian, uses meat as a
condiment and can be easily adapted to veggie cooking.

Spaghetti pancakes
cook spinach spaghetti (green color is important!)
Grind up some spinach or broccali or any green veggie you want to hide
to taste you can add:
herbs (I like thyme and basil)
NF grated cheese or cheese of choice
egg white or egg substitute for binding
salt pepper etc

I never measure but when stirred all together you should have a bowl of
seasoned spaghetti, coated with egg white or binding agent

Drop by the handful into a fry pan, cover and cook till golden brown.  Use
low heat and be patient, they are dense and can take a bit to cook through.
Serve as is or make a FF sauce from FF cheese or whatever is on hand.  My
kids would eat this every day of the week if I let them and it is a great
way to use leftover spagetti as well as sneak in those veggies.  They freeze
and reheat very well. I confess to a fondness to using leftover reheated
pancakes as a sandwhich filler.

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