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Veggie Foolers

I am a vegetarian but my husband is not---and also VERY picky about what
vegetables he will eat.  I have been trying my hardest to convince him that
veggies are tasty.  He was raised in the south, and perceives all veggies
as being overcooked greens and okra.  I was hoping that some of you had
some untraditional recipes that fool the eater as to what actually is in
it.  I have gotten away with slipping squash into some things and last
week's post of "crab cakes" using zucchini was a success.  Do any of you
have some recipes you've used to fool your kids or finicky meat lovers?  I
cook only vegetarian dishes at home and am trying to expand our options. 
If I can just get him to accept the possibility of certain things tasting
inoffensive then I will have won a huge battle.  Thanks in advance.

Vaylor and Holley Trucks

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