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broccoli stems

There is a recipe for a pasta sauce in the "Sundays at the Moosewood 
Restaurant" that uses broccoli stems BUT it also uses olive oil and
parm cheese so I'm not gong to post the recipe. However, if anyone
wants it, email me privately! :-)

>I have another question: what do folks do with those large broccoli stems 
>seem inedible? I have been throwing mine away but it really seems like a
>waste. Do you think it's possible to steam or boil them, blend them & use 
>for soup or will they always be really tough? I make a delicious curried
>broccoli-potato soup, for which I usually use frozen broccoli - but maybe I
>could add these. Any ideas for other things to do with them as well would be
>Zoe Sodja
>Santa Cruz