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Gretchen Gregory writes:

"Even when you can't see it [teflon] with your naked eye, there's little
flakes and particles wearing right off and being scratched off into your
food.  There
has been no RDA established for teflon (or like substances)--hey, just
trying to be "light" here."

Teflon is inert to the human digestive system. It is simply a plastic
material that can withstand high temperatures, does not dissolve in acid
(including stomach acids) and passes unchanged through the stomach and

Prolonged use at high temperatures will cause its deterioration; it will
begin to absorb oils and traces of food and will gradually lose its
non-stick properties. Even the newest non-stick materials will eventually
deteriorate. Most manufacturers caution against using non-stick cookware at
high temp. Besides, the aluminum base will warp from high temperature and
you will no longer have a flat-bottom pan.

Alla Linetsky