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Re: Butter Substitutes

What does one use for butter?  Is there a non-dairy or soy substitute?
Whatever happened to the corn substitutes?  Please make recommendations.

I use Butter Buds or Molly McButter products from time to time but find them to have limited use. They are a butter derivative that has had the fat and moisture removed. They are expensive.

I use applesauce in many baked goods and fat free mayonaise as well. For cooked veggies I use a butter "spray" such as I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (not fat free). I also use fat free yogurt or sour cream in sauces and some baking. Finally, chicken broth is a great butter substitute in cooking and sauteing. You have to experiment but I have found I can replace butter in most applications.

If you want to look at lower fat margarines and "spreads" I really like the taste of Brown & Brummel but at 5g of fat per tablespoon it is hardly low fat. It is made with oil and yogurt. I believe Promise makes a lower fat "spread" but I haven't tried it.

Good luck.

Delta, BC