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Re: Recipies for the reluctant

My husband is also a tried and true meat and potatoes man.  I discovered
that the fake meat idea didn't work on him.  While my TVP chili tasted
just like the real thing after a decade of no meat, he did not fall for

I discovered the best thing to do in two steps:

One was to fight the myths of vegetarian food.  All of those things that
they say about it is because they are things that meat eaters look for.

"It's not filling."  Try a good beans and rice, eggplant parmagan, or
lentil soup on a cold

"It's bland."  Thai food alone knocks this one out of the water.  Spice
things up a bit.

Another thing is finding things that your husband likes.... don't make
them too often but encorperate them into the rotation.

And remember, don't start out with things that are too "weird."  Work up
to the acorn squash and couscous.

My husband still eats meat (he cooks it himself) but I do know that he is
eating less, and what he's eating besides is good for him.

:I am attempting to incorporate more vegan and vegetarian low fat dishes
:into the family menus.  The problem is my husband - a tried and true,
:meat and potatoes, high fat lover.  It may take forever to "retrain" his

He has a woman's name and wears makeup. How original.
				--Alice Cooper on Mailyn Manson