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RE: FATFREE Digest V02 #2

WebMD might have what you are looking for. Try:


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Subject: FATFREE Digest V02 #2


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 Digest				Volume 02 : Issue 2

Today's Topics:
  Diet analysis software                [ "Susan Voisin"
<svoisin@xxxxxxxxxx> ]


Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 18:01:48 -0600
From: "Susan Voisin" <svoisin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Diet analysis software
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I'm searching the internet right now for diet analysis software.  I used to
this program/website called DietWatch, but now they charge for the service
to be free!)  What I want is a program that lets me enter in all the foods I
in a day and then gives me a nutritional rundown on it and stores the info
that I can look back over a period of time and see how I'm doing.  I also
it to let me enter in the nutritional info of foods that aren't already in
database (all those weird foods we vegans eat, LOL).  Do any of you use a
program that you can recommend?  I've already downloaded two and found them
be not what I was looking for.