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quiet list, ww baguettes?

Back in the old days, this list was big and raucous.  So raucous, in fact,
that Michelle had to make the current rules about not discussing
vegetarianism, debating McDougall vs. Ornish, agitating about essential
fatty acids, and other non-recipe related controversial topics.  Personally,
I miss those big loud digests, but I understand the reasons for the change.
I just wonder where those more intense fatfree-ers went.  I was more
inspired to stay tuned in and on target with all that noise.  

On topic, has anyone successfully made whole wheat baguettes?  Now that I
have a Kitchen Aid stand mixer to do the kneading for me, I'm baking bread
for the first time.  Several friends make lovely simple white bread
baguettes, but we're a strictly whole wheat household.