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Slow/Lo Mein

:I am only getting an occasional digest with few messages as well.  Like,
:one every two days or so. I've only very recently subscribed to this list,
:so I didn't know what to expect with regard to volume.


The digest gets slow every once in a while...  Not to worry, it will get
busy soon enough.

Otto's Veggie Lo Mein
For when you need a meal quicker than you can say "microwave."

1 med onion
1 bell pepper
a carrot or 2
peas (in the pod or out)
water chesnuts (optional)
bean sprouts
Whatever other veggies you want to throw in
spaghetti (enough servings for as many people will be eating)
Soy sauce

Start the water for the spaghetti. Put a large non-stick frying pan on
medium heat with a little bit of liquid or cooking spray. Cut the onion up
into little bits, and throw it in the pan.  Cut up the pepper into strips,
and throw it in, and stir.  Cut the carrots so that they are very thin,
throw them in, and stir.  If you are using peas in the pod or water
chestnuts, throw them in.  Keep stiring so that none of the veggies burn.
By then, the water should be boiling, so put the spaghetti in. Throw in
the sprouts, and the peas if they are out of the pod.

Leave it cook, stiring so that the veggies don't burn and the spaghetti
doesn't stick.

When the spaghetti is done, drain it.  Pour some soy sauce on the veggies,
then mix enough into the spaghetti so that it turns a very light brown.
Put the spaghetti into the pan with the veggies and mix it up as well as
you can.

This is a very basic recipie.  You can add and remove any veggies you
want, just remember to put hard vegtables, such as broccoli, in before you
put in the spaghetti and soft ones, like mushrooms, afterward.

I have also made it with a package of frozen stir fry vegtables.  It
worked, but it actually took longer because you have to cook out all of
the water.