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Re: pasta sauce recipe ideas?

Faith, I don't have a specific recipe, but in general you can create a "wet" vegetable concoction, whether you think of it as a pasta sauce or a sloppy-Joe topper for rice or anything like that, by adding "gravy" to veggies.

My preferred way is to dissolve some kind of starch (potato, corn, arrowroot, ...) in some cold water, stirring really well for no lumps, and add it to some boiling liquid (just water or something flavored). Keep stirring to blend the starch mixture into the liquid and cook it down to your desired sauce thickness and finally combine it with the vegetables you've prepared.

Depending on how good a guess I've made about the "some" quantities of starch and water, I may need to adjust by adding some more starch dissolved in more cold water if it doesn't seem to be getting thick, or adding more water if I added too much starch.

A variation is to add the starch-dissolved-in-cold-water directly to the veggies in their pot if they are already wet but not thick and also not fully cooked yet, and do the stirring/thickening directly in the veggie pot as the veggies finish cooking.

I hope this was not too confusing!

So we're looking for ideas for simple fresh
sauce recipes (i.e. take less than a half hour to cook) that come out
"saucy" (our first attempt tasted great, but all the liquid cooked away and
we had nothing left but veggies!) and don't use tomatoes.
Oh, one other limitation -- it has to be vegan...